J.Cole “The Come Up” Review

This is the post excerpt.


When I first heard this mixtape I really didn’t to much like it. That was because I heard it when I was younger and I really didn’t care to much about lyrical context. Like in 2007 when this mixtape was released us kids wasn’t trying to listen to no music that would make you think, we was trying to find the hottest new music that could make you dance. And also I was really more focused on the beat and how does and artist make things rhyme. But after listening to this mixtape at an older age I really feel like this mixtape is a classic in my opinion. From the first song on the mixtape “Simba” I felt like you could tell J.Cole was in pain when he wrote this song. Not like physical pain but more emotional and mental pain. He said in one of his verses “I grew up with nothing, it hurt me to see my mother broke.” That is the pain I am talking about in this song. In the song “School Daze” I liked how J.Cole used a verse from an old classic hit that was released back in 1994 by Ahmad- Back In The Day. The lyrics where “Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.” This song I feel like we can all relate too because he talks about the thing we use to do when we was younger. Also we all have those moments of how we just sit back and wish we was some kids again. Now this next song I would like to talk about is in my option one of the best songs on the mixtape and the song is “Throw It Up.” This is one of those songs that when you first listen to it you would be like “Man this song is wack.” But to get this song you have to listen to it a couple times to understand J.Coles wordplay in this song. The way he puts his words together in this song is just amazing to me and I like songs that make you think and have unlimited bars. For example he said “A real nigga can’t forget where he came, so if I’m up in Carolina kicking deep game, or if I’m riding through Queens on the E-Train, I throw it up.” He saying he is going to throw his hood up where ever he is in the country, ok we get that but the part that may confuse people is the E-Train part. J.Cole went to school in New York, he went to St.Johns to be exact and if you are taking the subway to get to his school you would have to take the E-Train. So basically he was saying I am going to throw up my hood even when I am on my way to school. Another verse in this song that stuck out to me was when he said “Even them white girls trying to be my princess, but I only fuck with sisters like incest.” This wordplay is so outstanding to me like it made me laugh in a good way when I heard it. Like he is saying all these white girls want him but he only wants the sisters and the word sister pertain to the black females. But there are so many other great metaphors and similes in this song that it is outrageous. That is why this song is considered one of the best on the mixtape. The next song on this mixtape that I felt was just a must hear song is “Can’t Cry.” I feel like this song is so powerful and needs to be played to this day. This song talk about a problem that America has been dealing with for years and not just these most recent years. It is talking about how we, our own kind are killing each other over stupid stuff. And also he talks about how cops are killing innocent people too. This song is deep and is a good song which should be at the top if the list of best J.cole songs in my opinion. For the simple fact he wrote that song in 2006 and it is still relevant in 2016. But this whole mixtape is a classic, this is one of those mixtape you can just let it play from the beginning to end without skipping one song. I could have went over every song but I decided to just pick the songs that I thought were the best on the mixtape.    9v5nppvvrs741kgrlina70rh.600x601x1


Favorite Store

There are a lot of stores that I shop at when I go shopping. But there are just some that I tend to go to more than others. Everyone has there favorite clothing store and for many different reasons.

One of my favorite clothing stores use to be True Religion. Whenever I would put on jeans I use to tell myself I am not putting on jeans unless they are True Religion. But as I got in college and had to start paying for my own jeans I don’t really to much buy True Religion anymore.

As I got on my own I learned that it isn’t all about the brand name it is all about what makes you comfortable and does it look good.

My favorite stores now are PacSun, Zumiez, and H&M. These stores basically have everything I need when it comes to dressing myself.

I go to PacSun basically for everything. They have the jeans I wear and they have a massive selection on shirts that I like. But the reason why I go is because PacSun is always having ridiculous sales, and I need every penny I can get.

Zumiez is a much better store when it comes to things that are trending in the urban world. I go here because this is where I get majority of my graphic tees from, and they have a better selection than PacSun.

H&M is probably my favorite out of the 3 because it is cheaper than PacSun and Zumiez. But the reason why I got to H&M is because I tend to buy most of my jeans from here. They have a lot of stuff that you would think is from a designer brand but its really a lot cheaper.

Why Fall Wardrobe Is Better

I know people are cleaning out their closet and are changing their wardrobe to their summer clothes, but their has been some questions on which season people prefer summer or fall when it comes to wearing clothes.

Personally I prefer fall clothes, I fell like you can wrap up in more layers in fall clothes and it gives you more choices to choose from when you are getting dressed.

I feel more confident for some reason in my fall wardrobe. I love wearing ripped jeans with a hoodie. Sometimes when it is cold outside I can wear more layers and still look fashionable.

When I wear more layers I may throw on more accessories and mix and match different things. I feel like I have a lot more freedom when I dress up in the fall weather.

In the summer I feel like I don’t have as much freedom and I am restricted to what I wear. The reason why I feel like I don’t have much freedom is because you have to adapt to the weather.

If it is cold in the fall all I have to do is wear more clothes, and if it is a little bit warmer all I have to do is take off the extra clothes I put on. In the summer it is hot and humid all the time.

During the summer I try to dress more comfortable, the reason being is because I try to dress with the heat. I try to stay cool and comfortable and that is why I prefer fall over summer because summer is too much work trying to stay cool.

Fist Fight

The Movie Fist Fight is a new movie that is a hilarious and it has a lot of comedians in the movie. The two main characters are Ice Cube and Charlie Day.

This movie is about two teachers who want have some beef between each other. But the hate between the 2 didn’t start until one teacher told on another teacher and made him lose his job.

But this movie is because it based in a high school and it is the last day of school and we all know what happens on the last day of high school. The last day of high school is full of pranks and adventures.

This movie was full of pranks pulled by the students and during the movie as the pranks are going on the teachers are getting fed up, because the students are out of control.

But besides the teachers having a full on brawl after school this movie reminds me of my senior year of high school and the last day of school that year.

The last day of school my senior year the whole senior class got suspended from school the last day because of our senior prank. And this movie made me think about my last day of high school.

But if we would have did half the things that the kids in the movie were doing we wouldn’t have been able to graduate. In the movie they had horses in the school, put paint on the teacher, and parked the principals car in the main lobby.

Luck Of The Irish

With the NBA coming to a end, it is the conference finals and things are getting intense trying to get into the finals. Lately there have been a lot of blowouts in the NBA.

The 4 teams that are in there respectful conference finals are The Cleveland Cavilers versus the Boston Celtics. And in the Western Conference finals it is the Golden State Warrior versus the San Antonio Spurs.

But today I am writing about the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavilers. Lately the Cavs have been rolling over the Celtics but things are maybe looking up after Game 3.

The Celtics got hit with some terrible news after Game 2 on Friday when they realized that there star player Isaiah Thomas will be out for the remainder of the playoffs with an hip injury. So the big question is how will they respond without him.

But they answered that question Sunday in Game 3. The Celtics showed some real heart on Sunday when they stepped on the court. They was down in the series 2-0 and everyone counted them out for Sunday nights game.

At the beginning of the game the Celtics where very well in the game but during the 2nd quarter the Cavs started to take control and the game started to get out of hand. But the 2nd half was a whole different story.

The Celtics was down by 21 points at one point in time in the game and they made an epic comeback that will be one to remember. The game came down to a game winning shot and what made it so crazy was that the ball rolled around on the rim which made it look like it was going to miss. That is why it is called the luck of the Irish.

Ripped Jeans & Bleached Tees

When it comes to fashion their are a lot of things that people like and catch on to, and then there are a lot of things that people wouldn’t think about touching. For example there is a new trend going on where men are wearing rompers.

But I think the new trend for the men in the hip-hop community and it is ripped jeans and bleached t-shirts. Also it can be the other way around with bleached or acid washed jeans and ripped t-shirts.

A person who made this trend the way it is today is Kayne West. When Kayne West made his famous Yeezy season 1 brand debut with Adidas it had a lot backlash on twitter. The reason being is because people felt like why would they wear something with hole is in it, it looked like it came off a homeless persons back.


But who would think that this trend is the way it is now. A lot of people are wearing items like this now. There is a group of people that I think made it more popular than others and that is the rap group is the Migos.

The Migos I feel like made it cool to wear ripped jeans with your knees and part of your thigh showing. Because I’m not going to lie when I seen them do it I started doing it. They also started the trend with wearing like rock band t-shirts with bleach.

In 2017 there has been a lot of people wearing like rock band t-shirts such as AC/DC, Nirvana, Metallica, and Iron Maiden just to name a few.

Cam Newton x Odell Beckham Jr x Von Miller

Cam Newton, Odell Beckham Jr, and Von Miller are 3 very well known names on the field but they are also very known off the field too. The reason being is because of their fashion and what they wear.

Starting with Cam Newton, he known for wearing some crazy things on and off the field. When he is on the field for Pre-game he wears a lot of different cleats that are very high fashion and different.

Off the field Cam Newton is known for wearing some crazy things, like weird color suits and crazy patterned shirts and pants with hats. But I like Cam Newton because he doesn’t care about what people have to say he is going to wear what he wants.

Next, is Odell Beckham my favorite receiver in the NFL. But not only is he my favorite receiver because of what he does on the field but what type of person he is off the field.
I love Odell because of his style and the way he carries himself.

But when Odell steps out the house everyone stops because they want to see what he wearing. One minute he might have on a suit and tie and later on that day he may have on a Gucci jumpsuit head to toe.

Von Miller is a person similar to Cam Newton as in they will wear anything that comes to mind. Similar to Cam, Von wears many pregame cleats too that are very stylish. But Von Miller has an different approach to things.

Von Miller is the type to wear overalls with nothing underneath on Sundays and walk in the stadium unbothered. Von Miller one time wore cowboys boots and cowboy hat. That shows you he doesn’t care what you think about his fashion he is going to wear what he wants.

Rare Air

There are a lot of Air Jordans that are out these days. And it is also a fun thing to watch a shoe go up in resale price, but some of these shoes are outrageously highly priced but i can’t blame the people who raise the price on these shoes.

In recent years there have been a lot of rappers team up with shoe companies and but there has been 1 person in the last 3 years to make a big splash with Jordan Brand, and that is the great entertainer Drake.

Drake has had several shoes come out over the years that have been great. Naming his collection the OVO x Jordan collaboration. The top price for his black retro 12s are going for $12,000 on eBay.

The next rare air Jordan is by another rapper and it is the Drake vs. Lil Wayne retro 3s. These shoes are a tribute to back when Drake and Lil Wayne was on tour, and they would have a rap battle on stage at every single show, and they let their fans pick the winner.

These shoes are very rare and they were very limited to get. They where a sample pair meaning only a handful of people got a pair of these shoes. The asking price on eBay for these shoes are a minimum $25,000.

The next pair of shoes that are going for outrageous prices are the Eminem collection of Jordans. Eminem came out with 3 pair of Jordans and all are well over in the thousands.

The Jordans he released are the retro 2s and 2 pair of the retro 4s. The retro 2s are on FlightClub for $3,500. The Carhartt 4s are going for $15,000 on FlightClub. But the Encore 4s are going for a cool $37,500.

Th last rare air Jordan shoe is really a collection. A collection that only like 3 people in the world have and that should tell you a lot if only 3 people in the world have the full collection.

This collection of Air Jordans is the rainbow collection. They are 26 pairs of shoes in this collection and each shoe is a different shade in the rainbow. The shoes are on eBay for an estimated $4,500 a pair. That is a whooping $117,000 for the whole collection.